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2022 Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick "Christ, Myth, and Tolkien"

Fr. Andrew's presentation on Tolkien was presented in the fall semester of 2022 to a live audience with Q&A included in the recording. ($11)

2022 Fr. Stephen De Young "Hell and the River of Fire"

Fr. Stephen's presentation on Hell and the River of Fire was presented in the spring semester of 2022 to a live audience with Q&A included in the recording. ($11)


2021 Fr. Stephen Freeman "The Incarnation: Grammar of Theology"

Fr. Stephen gave a four-week presentation on the importance of grammar for humans and how it informs our understanding of the Incarnation. ($11)

2021 Fr. Michael Nasser "Jedi Training for Spiritual Warfare"

With the explosive growth of all things "Star Wars" in film, on television, and in theme parks, we can find much learning in these classic stories for the ongoing spiritual warfare that defines the life of a baptized Christian. "Not required, Star Wars fandom is!" ($11)

2021 Fr. James Coles "Confession: The Secret Heart of Orthodoxy"

​​In September 2021, St. Athanasius College offered a class on the topic of confession. Taught by Fr. James Coles, pastor of St. Ignatius Orthodox Church in Mesa, AZ, the class aimed at helping students understand the mystery of confession as vital to our life in Christ and His body, the Church. ($11)

2021 Abbot Theodore "Structured Spirituality" 

In this "virtual" retreat, two key themes of St. Benedict's Rule are explored for spiritual growth, alongside an analysis and investigation of the structure and discipline of St. Benedict's writings which build upon that of St. Basil the Great, St. John Cassian, and St. Augustine. ($11)

2021 Fr. Moses Berry "God is Everywhere Present" In these six classes, Fr. Moses demonstrates that God is everywhere present and fillest all things. In even the most seemingly mundane acts and situations, God is guiding us. Fr. Moses draws on the wisdom of his ancestors and other influential people. ($11)

2021 How To Invite Someone To Church A webinar presented by the Antiochian Department of Missions and Evangelism. The topics include Problems & Obstacles, Navigating Conversations (Fr. John Finley), The Pragmatic Invitation (Dn. Adam Roberts), The Second Visit (Fr. Joseph Huneycutt), and What's Next? ($5)

2020 Outreach Conference This is the second online conference for the Antiochian Department of Missions and Evangelism. The theme was inspired by the difficulties imposed on outreach by the COVID-19 pandemic in North America. Topics covered include Service Projects, Festivals, Sharing Political Views, Local Hunger, Prison Ministry Today, How To Say Hello, and Homeless Families. ($7)


2019 Digital Evangelism Conference The inaugural online conference for the Antiochian Department of Missions and Evangelism. Topics covered include Online Etiquette, Websites, Blogging, Podcasting, Email, Instagram, Facebook, Online Discernment. ($7)

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