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Fr. Stephen De Young 2022

TH 115: Hell and the River of Fire

​​In the spring semester of 202, St. Athanasius College offered a class about Hell and the River of Fire.

As with most popular notions, the way people commonly think about 'Hell' or eternal condemnation is both frightening and not in line with historic Christian teaching. Modern attempts to move away from that popular understanding, rather than recovering the historic Christian teaching, have tended to advance even stranger theories or deny the existence of any kind of hell altogether. This class will lay out what the Christian tradition says about the fate of those who unrepentantly deny the grace and love of God. It will also discuss various alternate modern views and proposals in order to see where we have tended to go wrong in our thinking about these issues. Hell is not a topic that anyone enjoys, or should enjoy, thinking about. But understanding the reality of condemnation is vitally important to understanding sin, repentance, salvation, and the justice of God. 

TH115 Hell & the River of Fire

TH115 Hell & the River of Fire

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