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Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick 2022

TH 116: Christ, Myth, and Tolkien: Reading the Tolkien Legendarium through Ancient Biblical Christianity

​​In the fall semester of 202, St. Athanasius College offered a class about Tolkien and Christianity.

Is there a relationship between Middle-earth and Orthodox Christianity?  What happens when you read Tolkien with the Bible in mind, especially the weird stuff like angels, gods, demons and giants?  Can reading Tolkien make someone Christian or a better Christian?  Join Orthodox Christian archpriest and Tolkien and Mythology scholar Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick for 5 nights in October/November 2022 to find out.


Teacher: Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, host of "Amon Sûl" and "The Lord of Spirits" podcasts; author of the books Arise O God; An Introduction to God; and Orthodox and Heterodoxy


TH116 Tolkien

TH116 Tolkien

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