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Fr. James Cole, 2021

"Confession: The Secret Heart of Orthodoxy"

​​In September 2021, St. Athanasius College offered a class on the important topic of confession. Taught by Fr. James Coles, pastor of St. Ignatius Orthodox Church in Mesa, AZ, the class aimed at helping students understand the mystery of confession as vital to our life in Christ and His body, the Church. 

Confession has a biblical and canonical position in the Church and is our spiritual oxygen. Confessing our sins humbles us, calls down the grace of God on us, and enables us to grow in the knowledge and love of God. It is a sacramental opportunity to remove the cause of what ails the human person and brings healing. It is a sure aid in the continual struggle to draw near to God in Christ Jesus, through the Holy Spirit and is important not only to the individual's spiritual growth but also to the spiritual life of the larger faith community.





2021 Cole

2021 Cole

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