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Fr. Michael Nasser, 2021

"Jedi Training for Spiritual Warfare"

​​In September 2021, St. Athanasius College offered a class on the important topic of spiritual warfare.


Taught by Fr. Michael Nasser, pastor of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Grand Rapids, MI, the class aimed at helping students understand the power of spiritual warfare.

With the explosive growth of all things "Star Wars" in film, on television, and in theme parks, we can find much learning in these classic stories for the ongoing spiritual warfare that defines the life of a baptized Christian. "Not required, Star Wars fandom is!"

Themes to be covered include:
Fighting the Good Fight
Stretching Out with our Feelings: Promise and Pitfall
Completing our Training
The Seductive Dark Side of Sin

2021 Jedi Training for Spiritual Warfare

2021 Jedi Training for Spiritual Warfare

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