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Fr. Stephen Freeman, 2021

TH 114: Incarnation and the Grammar of Theology

​​In November 2021, St. Athanasius College offered a class about the Incarnation.


Taught by Fr. Stephen Freeman, blog "Glory to God and author of "Everywhere Present", the class aimed at helping students understand the Incarnation.

Nothing is more fundamental to the gospel than the doctrine of the Incarnation: the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. More than a singular event, it is the defining theme that runs throughout the Orthodox faith. This class examines what can be described as the “grammar” of theology, the fundamental rules of how we speak and think of God established by the fact of Christ’s incarnation. Come learn the language of the Fathers!

November 30: The Grammar of Theology and the Incarnation

December 7: Why Did God Become Man: Incarnation in the Key of Salvation

December 14: Who Became Man?

December 21: The Incarnational Life: How is Orthodoxy lived in an incarnational manner? What difference does belief in the Incarnation make in our daily lives

2021 Fr. Stephen Freeman, The Incarnation

2021 Fr. Stephen Freeman, The Incarnation

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