We seek to provide affordable and quality education.   All information on this page is always current and up to date. Tuition and fees may change from year to year. We suggest that students review costs as part of their academic planning process each year.

All courses are taken one at a time and are self-paced. One exception exists for the practicum courses which are taken conjointly throughout the module. Tuition is due at the end of the practicum course instead of the beginning to ease the burden of tuition payments.

Associate of Arts in Theology

Application fee: $25 US

Tuition structure is per course based on hours per course as explained below.

  • 3 hr $225

  • 2 hr $150

  • 1 hr $80

Total Tuition for all four modules is under $5,000.

Textbooks and materials are kept to $50 or less per course.

Refund Policy
• 100% refund for withdrawal within ten days of enrolling in a course.
• No refund will be made after ten days.

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