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Are you thinking about going to seminary? Or maybe you are already enrolled for the next cohort? What an exciting time!


Either way, we have some resources that can help prepare you. The resources range in variety from free podcasts to courses at the college. We have gathered these resources at the recommendation of seminarians who thought these resources would be helpful.

Free Resources

  • Parish Involvement (all with the blessing of your priest)

    • Go to confession at least once a month.

    • Worship God with your money by tithing 10%.

    • Sing in the choir. Receive voice lessons from your choir director to make sure you can match pitch.​

    • Sing at the chanter's stand.

    • Serve at the altar as an altar boy or captain.

    • Attend at least two parish council meetings.

    • Teach a Sunday School class/book study or at least volunteer to be an assistant to a current teacher.

  • Read the Bible every day

    • If this is new to you, start with the daily Epistle and Gospel.​ Download The Daily Readings app from the GOA.

    • After one month of reading the Epistle and Gospel, start this READING PLAN.

  • Books

  • Podcasts

  • Mission Trip

    • Free if you fundraise for it, such as a Project Mexico Work trip, OCMC Trip, etc.​

  • Learn the Greek alphabet on Duolingo.


Paid Resources

All of the resources below are recommendations and may not be necessary for you based on your background.

We recommend this book.


We recommend auditing these courses. Auditing is only $50 per course.

  • CHST 101: Pentecost to 313 (syllabus)

  • LTS 101: Introduction to the Divine Liturgy (syllabus)

  • LTS 201: The Sanctification of Time (syllabus)

  • TH 102: The Use of the Holy Scriptures in the Orthodox Church (syllabus)

  • SG 102: Humility & Spiritual Guidance (syllabus)

  • SG 201: Grace & Mercy (syllabus)


We recommend these if they will not be offered at your seminary.

  • Take a public speaking class at a local college or join a local Toastmasters group.

  • TH 202: Foundations of Orthodox Christian Ethics (syllabus)

Post Seminary/Priesthood Preparation

Online Learning

To assist students in having an efficient and productive education at St. Athanasius College, we have created a free PDF file about online learning. Click HERE to download for free.

Apply Now.

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