PASTORAL CARE 403, Using the DSM

Description: This class will be an opportunity for seasoned Pastoral Caregivers to examine the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and appropriately use what is helpful from this work. We will examine the holistic multiaxial classification system to consider how mental disorders; personality disorders and mental retardation; physical conditions, psychosocial and environmental problems; impact the spiritual development and lives of our parishioners. Students will learn the terminology of the psychiatric community to enrich their pastoral work. After topical discussions, participants will present cases and the group will evaluate them from a basis of best practices and diagnostics. This class is for clergy only.

Teacher: His Grace Bishop JOHN, Diocese of Worcester and New England (bio)

Dates: January 12 - March 16, 2021
Length of course: 10 weeks/classes
Time: Tuesdays from 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern 
Class length: 90 minutes per class
Maximum Number of students: 25
Jurisdiction: Open to all jurisdictions.

Cost: $350

Deacons: We presume that deacons who register have received a blessing from their priest to take this class.




"His Grace brings a unique perspective that comes from having been a therapist, father, spiritual father, and hierarch.  This rich and diverse background allows him to give compassionate and thoughtful presentations and respond to questions that are rooted in academic training and real-life experience." ~ Fr. Dean Kokanos


“His Grace Bishop JOHN extends his wisdom in this class from his many years of tilling God’s vineyard and caring for those in crisis, navigating them through the trials and tribulations of life and its gracious moments.and sharing this experience with his fellow priests and deacons to assist them in caring for their flock as a good shepherd.” ~ Fr. Demetrios Andrews