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August 2021
Pastoral Care Revisited, (Bp John): This seminar is an opportunity for seasoned Pastoral Caregivers to evaluate and enrich their pastoral work revisiting our Orthodox traditions and modern principles of pastoral care. After a short discussion, participants will present cases and the group will evaluate them from a basis of best practices. This course is for clergy only. (Dates: August 26-October 28)

September 2021

Confession, (Fr. James Coles): This class aims at understanding the mystery of confession as vital to our life in Christ and His body, the Church. It has a biblical and canonical position in the Church and is spiritual oxygen.  (Dates: September 4-28)

October 2021

Jedi Training for Spiritual Warfare, (Fr. Michael Nasser): With the explosive growth of all things "Star Wars" in film, on television and in theme parks, we can find much learning in these classic stories for the ongoing spiritual warfare that defines the life of a baptized Christian. "Not required, Star Wars fandom is!"  (Dates: October 4-25)

November 2021

Incarnation & The Grammar of Theology, (Fr. Stephen Freeman): Fr. Stephen Freeman will give an a presentation on the Incarnation, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  (Dates: November 30-December 21)

January 2022

Hell & The River of Fire, (Fr. Stephen De Young): Hell is not a topic that anyone enjoys, or should enjoy, thinking about.  But understanding the reality of condemnation is vitally important to understanding sin, repentance, salvation, and the justice of God.  (Dates: January 11-February 8)


March 2022

Lenten Retreat, (Speaker: TBA): An online retreat. This retreat is open to everyone. (Dates: TBA)