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STEP 1: Send your mailing address and t-shirt size to

STEP 2: Choose your path

  • BA in Leadership & Management (live online cohort starting January 3rd, 2023): Send your unofficial transcripts to and you will receive a reply within five business days. Do not proceed further.

  • Bachelor of Theology (self-study program) AND Non-Matriculated Students: Follow the directions below

    • The button below to enroll will take you to our online learning management system, Moodle.

    • Once at our Moodle site, click on the button to "Create new account." This is a free user account.

    • After you have created your account and agreed to the privacy policy, you will receive an email to confirm your account.

    • After you confirm your account, please follow the Moodle tour and learn how to use Moodle.

    • After you have completed the tour, you can see the list of courses available for enrollment by clicking on "Site Home."

    • Click on the course title to enroll. Inside the course, you will see a PayPal link. Click on the link and make your payment. Once your payment is complete, you will automatically be added to the course.

    • Within 5 minutes, you will have access to the course. If you do not have access after 5 minutes, contact the school administrator for immediate assistance.  

MATRICULATED (seeking a degree)

All students are expected to take courses in order, one at a time as listed on the Academics Page.


The only exception is the practicum course which can be taken by itself or concurrently with other classes. We recommend registering for the practicum course at the beginning of each module because some practicum projects can take two or three months to complete. Enrolling in the practicum course at the beginning of each module will prevent the student from feeling rushed. Also, the practicum course must be finished in order to move into the next module.

NON-MATRICULATED (not seeking a degree)

All students are expected to take one course at a time in any preferred order. However, certain courses still have a pre-requisite.

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