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Interested in campus life? Our campuses are hosted at Orthodox Churches within walking distance of lodging. That means you don't need a car to get to church! The lodging is coordinated by the host parish. While enrolled in the program, students are interns. As an intern, you are expected to complete your practicum/capstone at the host parish. Each campus offers a different liturgical cycle and school hours, so check out the campuses below to find the best fit for you.





Alphabetical by State


Spring Valley, IL: St. George is one hour and forty-five minutes west of Chicago. As a smaller and more intimate community, interns will have an opportunity to have a large impact with their projects. Spring Valley is a small town of about 5,500 people with part-time jobs available at restaurants all within walking distance. Food and merchandise stores all within walking distance. Rentals are available near the church. The church is small and the only one in the area, however, within a couple hours drive of Chicago's many churches, one female monastery and two male monasteries. Access to the Church is readily available.


Katy, TX: St. Paul is a parish of the Antiochian Archdiocese serving the Western Rite. St. Paul is located on the edge of Houston minutes away from La Centerra outdoor mall, Katy Mills, Tiger Woods's new miniature golf course, and hundreds of restaurants. This means there are plenty of job opportunities for interns. We have almost 20 Orthodox Churches in the Houston area. For lodging, St. Paul is renting a 3-bedroom apartment across the street. The apartment holds six interns and one RA. Access to a washer and dryer will be provided. Access to St. Paul is available before and after all services plus all day Tuesday and Thursday. We even have a small library and sitting area to study and relax.

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