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"God is everywhere present..."

Description: Fr. Moses Berry is known for his great teachings, his stories, and his work with the Fellowship of St. Moses the Black. In this six week seminar, participants will have an up-close and personal experience with Fr. Moses as he demonstrates that God is everywhere present and fillest all things. In even the most seemingly mundane acts and situations, God is guiding us. Fr. Moses will draw on the wisdom of his ancestors and other influential people. Each presentation will follow with Q&A for the participants to learn more.

Leader: Fr. Moses Berry (

Dates: January 26 - March 2
Length of course: 6 weeks
Schedule: Tuesdays from 8-9 PM Eastern 
Jurisdiction: Open to all jurisdictions.

Cost: $115 Early Bird Discount. $150 after January 21st.

A private Zoom link will be emailed to the registrants in the middle of January.

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