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Are you interested in studying the Orthodox faith at a college level but don't need the degree? You can get started 10 minutes from now.

Our auditing option allows the student to take our college courses at a heavily discounted rate. The full course is available when auditing. However, the assignments will not be graded, the course will not count as college credit, and the course will not count towards a certificate or degree.

All available courses are $80 each. UPDATE: For a limited time, we are discounting our auditing tuition to $40!


  • Apply by clicking the button below.

  • After you apply, you will be immediately taken to the enrollment page. Follow the specific instructions for creating your Moodle account.

  • Once inside Moodle, you will see a duplicate for each course with (Audit) at the end. Select the course and pay the discounted tuition of $40. 

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