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The practicum class is composed of a project by the student in the area of the Orthodox faith. The goal of the project is to help the student engage with and apply themselves with hands-on experience.


Some examples of a project include: preaching a homiletic series, creating a video, or organizing a retreat. The practicum must be a project not currently in operation by the student. For example, if the student is already in charge of a church's website, then this would not qualify as a project. However, creating a brand new website for that church would count as an acceptable project. Also, it is expected that the project will in some way be related to the home parish. 


One practicum class is required per module. Each class includes a proposal submitted for approval to the professor; the project itself (when applicable); and a 250-500 word report with supporting detail.

We recommend registering for the Practicum at the same time as registering for your first class, but this is not required. To help with financial planning, tuition for the practicum course is due at the end of the module instead of at the beginning. This allows for students to begin the project and plan for tuition payment.

Review the Admissions process or Apply Now.

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