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This project is in development. Our goal is to provide all or some of the methods below for alternate credits. However, the below methods are not currently available.


Many students have already obtained training either in the workplace or through the military. ACE testing converts that training into credit hours.


Advanced Placement

For those still in high school, advanced placement courses offer an opportunity to obtain college credit. This option is available through the student's high school.


For those still in high school, dual-enrollment allows the student to receive high school credit while enrolled in college-level classes. This option is available through the student's high school.


This option allows students to earn college credit by demonstrating their mastery of college-level material in introductory subjects while saving time and money.


Each test is $100, payable to the academy and required before taking the test. 

Tests are granted on a pass/fail grading scale. Please note that you must wait two months before retaking a test.

Degree-seeking students may CLEP up to 21 credit hours towards graduation.

Professional Certification

This may take the form of certification in Microsoft, insurance industry exams, and more.

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