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Any time is back to school time! And now is the perfect time to get started. No need to wait until the next semester, or even next year to start your education. The academy operates on a rolling admissions process, which means you are allowed to enroll in a course at any time, on your schedule. Why not start today?

The following are required as part of the online application:

  • Full Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone

  • Jurisdiction

  • Non-refundable application fee of $25 US, payable by credit card through the online application process.

After you apply and pay your application fee, you will be immediately redirected to enrollment.


MATRICULATED: If you are pursuing the Associate of Arts in Theology, then please register for the first course in module one, SG 101: Salvation and Spiritual Growth. We have structured the classes in a specific order in the interest of comprehension and retention. Taking classes out of order is not recommended for those seeking the diploma. 


NON-MATRICULATED: If you are only interested in specific classes, then feel free to select the course(s) in which you are interested.

TRANSFER: If you are transferring in courses from outside of the academy and you want to graduate from the academy, please apply and send us an unofficial transcript before you enroll in any of our courses. The dean will review your transcript and reply within three weeks with a recommended course of study. For more information, click HERE.

After you sign up for your first course, you will be contacted by your professor and added to the virtual classroom for your course. The virtual classroom is where you will communicate with your professor and classmates for all St. Athanasius classes.