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St. Athanasius College offers three online degrees. All of them are in a live cohort (one night a week on Zoom plus homework).

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management: Our degree helps working adults finish their degree and maintain a work/school/home balance. This degree is live, online, and takes place over 23 months. Students must have 40 credit hours to begin the program.

Associate of Arts in General Studies (Focus in Leadership): Whether a student has no credits or just a few, this program can be completed from start to finish in 16 months. where you go at your own pace while completing one course at a time. 


Bachelor of Arts in General Studies: It can be difficult to find a college that will accept all of your transfer credits. At St. Athanasius, we work hard to accept all of your transfer credits into our BA in General Studies program. Several options are available for an Emphasis: Leadership, Theology, Biblical Studies, and more. Contact us for more information on this degree.

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Are you interested in a specific course, or maybe just a handful? Our automated enrollment process allows you to select the specific courses you are interested in and begin today!

Please review the annotated Course Catalog below to decide which classes you are interested in. Class descriptions begin on page four. 

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