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Successful completion of this program prepares the student theologically for ordination to the diaconate and other ministry-related vocations. Graduation does not guarantee ordination or job placement. All decisions regarding ordination remain with the student's jurisdictional hierarchy. If a student is seeking ordination, we highly recommend confirming with the respective hierarchy before enrolling.

Completion Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 60 credit hours (15 of the 60 must be completed at SAAOT).

  • Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

  • Completion of four field education projects (practicum).

Below is a list of required courses for the Associate program. Click HERE for our course catalog. All courses are taken one at a time in the order prescribed below and are self-paced except for the Practicum classes which are taken concurrently during that module. Eventually, each course will be hyperlinked to the syllabus so that you can know what to expect before beginning the course.

Module 1 - 1st Semester

  • PC 101: Practicum, Introduction to Project Management (syllabus)

  • ENG 101: English Composition I (syllabus)

  • PHL 102: Introduction to Logic

  • SG 101: Salvation & Spiritual Growth (syllabus)

  • TH 101: The Incarnation (syllabus)


​Module 2 - 2nd Semester

  • PC 102: Practicum (syllabus)

  • CHST 101: Pentecost to 313 (syllabus)

  • LTS 101: Introduction to the Divine Liturgy (syllabus)

  • BIB 102: The Use of the Holy Scriptures in the Orthodox Church (syllabus)

  • SG 102: Humility & Spiritual Guidance (syllabus)

Module 3 - 3rd Semester

  • PC 201: Practicum (syllabus)

  • MATH 201: Personal Finance (syllabus)

  • SG 201: Grace & Mercy (syllabus)

  • LTS 201: The Sanctification of Time (syllabus)

  • PHL 102: Philosophy Leading to Theology

Module 4 - 4th Semester

  • PC 202: Practicum (syllabus)

  • CHST 202: American Civil Religion

  • LTS 202: The Sanctification of Life - Sacraments

  • CHST 102: The Seven Ecumenical Councils

  • TH 202: Foundations of Orthodox Christian Ethics (syllabus)


  • BIB 301: Comprehensive Study of the Prologue of John (syllabus)

  • LTS 301: Introduction to the History of the Christian Liturgy (syllabus)

  • SG 203: Prayer Life (syllabus)

  • SG 204: A Study of the Spiritual Direction of St. John Climacus (syllabus)

Once per module, the student will select, perform, and report on a project related to the Orthodox faith and the student's interest or skillset, all with the help and guidance of a faculty member.


Students may transfer up to 45 qualified credit hours into the degree program (review and approval of the dean required).

Online Learning

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